Limited edition of Bell Bon Bon line of cosmetics

January 2019

From February the Bell Bon Bon collection is available on the shelves of the Beauty Zone in the Biedronka store chain. It  will bring lovers of beauty into the magic mood  of the lovers’ feast.
Among them you can find:
fragrant beauty powder – BON BON Beauty-licious Face Powder,
a set of intensely shiny highlighters – Sweet Love Highlighter,
deep black liquid eyeliner – BON BON Black Ink Eyeliner,
brocade eyeliner – BON BON Glitter Bling Eyeliner,
long-lasting matte lipstick in three  different colours – BON BON Long Lasting Mat Lipstick,
long-lasting  matte lip liner in three different colours – BON BON Long Lasting Mat Lip Contour,
three unique nail enamels  – BON BON Delight Nail Enamel.