About us

At Bell, we have been producing makeup cosmetics for years. Our products have gained recognition thanks to high quality and the use of modern solutions. Cosmetics that are developed  at Bell meet the highest world standards, and all this for our consumers to  enjoy the products they deserve.

Let’s start from the beginning

It all started with one lipstick that hit the market 35 years ago. It is  the success of that product that we owe  the existence of the Bell company to.
Over the years, we have introduced many makeup cosmetics to the market, but one thing has remained unchanged – our iconic lipstick still enjoys great popularity and goes to beauticians of next generations.

Brand appreciated all over the word

The quality of Bell has been appreciated not only by Poles. Our products have already been loved by women on 5 continents. We are proud that the cosmetics of the Polish brand Bell appear on store shelves in over 61 countries.  

We have been changing for you

What distinguishes Bell is offering frequent product novelties. In times of rapidly changing trends, we always want to be one step ahead. We follow and set new directions to satisfy the most demanding consumers who love makeup and want to be always on time.

The key to the success of our products is their quality. The formulas of Bell cosmetics are constantly being improved. In the latest generation laboratories, our experts develop products that meet the expectations of modern women.




One of the effects of such work is introduced by us, the first in Poland hypoallergenic line of colour cosmetics –  Bell HYPOAllergenic. Its ambassador since 2015 has been  Marcelina Zawadzka, who participated in the creation of the collection. Today the Bell HYPOAllergenic series is one of the best-known and recognized on the market.

High quality and affordable price

At Bell, we want every woman to be able to use the best makeup cosmetics. That is why we create high quality products that are also available at affordable prices. Thanks to this combination, we can all be Bell.