Bell – Because we care!

When we create beauty, we remember about our planet. Therefore, we make consistent efforts to develop and implement our strategy of eco-responsibility. Discover ten steps that we take every day to reduce the environmental impact of the Bell brand and check recycling instructions to contribute to our common aim!

At Bell, we are fully aware that our actions affect the Earth and how the life of future generations will look like. What inspires us most are our consumers—extremely aware women who change their everyday habits out of respect for our planet. The ten steps that we have implemented are only a beautiful beginning. We are constantly striving to take even better  care of this place we all live in..

Remember to use up every cosmetic product entirely and put every element of the packaging in the appropriate waste segregation containers. When shopping online, it is worth buying more of your favourite cosmetic products at once, which will reduce the harmful impact of transport and lower the carbon footprint in the environment. Small steps matter greatly. Are you in?

To make it easier for you to recycle our cosmetics packaging, we have created simple instructions so that you can quickly and easily dispose of your used product in a planet-friendly way.

It’s not difficult!

Click here for:

• Hypoallergenic Recycling Instructions


• Bell Recycling Instructions


and find out how you can contribute to protecting the environment.

In our instructions, each product is divided

• into parts, of which the packaging consists,

• labelling the material from which it has been produced

• information about which bin it should be disposed of into.

In drugstores, at the Bell display shelves or on the product label, you can find a special QR code that will redirect you to the recycling file above.

We believe that our small steps will have a big effect.

So, go for it!